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Message from the mayor


My vision is to see a mindset change in the people and transform the work culture as we move together, leaving no one behind. In my term as a Mayor, I intend to make the business environment attractive for investors. I also want our district to have companies which will help the Local Authority manage solid waste in the district and provide recycling facilities. I want a situation where we shall reduce, reuse and recycle solid waste.

As the Mayor of Mufulira, I will work in collaboration with all stakeholders in the district in order to create optimum efficiency, decrease wasteful expenditure, restore public confidence in the Council and provide excellent service delivery to the residents of Mufulira.


Mufulira (means "Place of Abundance") is a town in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. It grew up in the 1930s around the site of the Mufulira Copper Mine on its north-western edge.

The town is 16 km from the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is the start of the Congo Pedicle road connecting the Copperbelt to the Luapula Province, making that province Mufulira's commercial hinterland. A tarred highway to the south-west connects Mufulira to Kitwe (40 km) and Chingola (55 km), and another to the south-east connects to Ndola (60 km), the commercial and transport hub of the Copperbelt. A branch of Zambia Railways, carrying freight only, serves the mine.

It has 30 municipal wards and three parliamentary constituencies namely Kantanshi, Kankoyo and Mufulira Central.

The town owes its origin to the discovery of copper in 1923 and was established as a municipal board in 1953. In 1957, it attained the municipal status. Through implementation of the local administration Act No. 14 of 1980, the Municipal Council became a District Council. The name Mufulira is derived from a local river where Copper Smith operations were conducted long before the establishment of the modern copper mining operations.

The name itself literally means - the place of abundance or place of forging. Geographically, the total size of the District is 125, 800 square kilometers with a population of 162, 889 people according to the 2010 census.

In Zambia, Mufulira is well known for being the home of the successful Mufulira Wanderers football team. Zambia's third President (2002-2008), Levy Mwanawasa, was born in Mufulira, as well as top African footballer, Kalusha Bwalya. Also notable are Welsh international sportsmen Robert Earnshaw (football) and Dafydd James (Rugby Union).